Helmet Cam: Apartment Fire in Prince William County, VA

Video by: 1HOSE. Video info:

This video is for training and open to discussion.
On June 11th, 2016 at 2255 hours a box alarm was sounded for a structure fire in Company 11’s due.
2257: Dispatch notified incoming units of one person unaccounted for on the second floor.
2259: E511B, T511 arrived on scene with fire showing from side alpha on a three story apartment complex, streched 1-3/4″ handline to exterior, established command, started 360.
2300: E511B struck second alarm.
2301: E511B officer completed 360 with nothing showing sides bravo, charlie, delta. Marked up going in for rescue; rescue not made.
2301:R501 second due specialty, FE501 arrived on scene second due engine, picked up hydrant for supply to E511B.
2302: FE501 streched 1-3/4″ to second floor and was met with moderate smoke conditions. R501 made entry into second floor, charlie quadrant to complete rescue of occupant.
2303: E525 arrived on scene third due engine (RIT). E509 arrived fourth due engine, personnel reported to side charlie. R501 completed rescue of occupant. FE501 took line to third floor.
2304: E504 arrived on scene fifth due engine. TW525 arrived third due specialty. FE501 and R501 made entry into charlie quadrant apartment on the third floor. Found heavy fire conditions. FE501 opened their line and began to extinguish the fire.
2306: E508 arrived on scene sixth due engine. E509 supplied water to TW525.
2307: Command sounded EVAC tones, FE501 and R501 evacuated.
2308: TW501 arrived on scene fourth due specialty.
2309: PAR check.
2311: E507 on scene seventh due engine.
2312: PAR check complete. Defensive operations.
2313: E524 on scene eighth due engine. Division alpha sent FE501 and R501 interior to second floor to check charlie quadrant apartment; no fire was found. FE501 and R501 advanced line to the third floor to find heavy fire conditions in the common stairwell.
2315: E505 on scene ninth due engine. FE501 and R501 told to evacuate by division alpha. Defensive operations.
2330: Bulk of fire knocked down.
0010: Fairfax E438 arrived on scene tenth due engine.
0141: Fire out.