CoolMax: A Covert Vest from SafeGuard Clothing

coolmax-black-maleAs part of their expansive covert range, SafeGuard Clothing is pleased to provide the CoolMax Covert Vest to Firefighters around the world in an effort to give them comfortable protective clothing.

SafeGuard are an international manufacturer and distributor of body armor with a wide range of both covert and overt vests, and the CoolMax represents the most lightweight and breathable covert vest currently available. This breathable covert vest features an ergonomic design to maximise airflow and improve temperature regulation. However, it is the unique CoolMax lining that helps improve breathability and comfort by drawing heat and moisture away from the skin. This means that anyone working in extreme temperatures can stay comfortable.

This emphasis on breathability and design sets the CoolMax apart from other covert vests, and ensures that even at high levels of protection the vest stays lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. This means that you can find a full range of protection without having to sacrifice discretion or comfort, and al with full compliance with international standards.

The CoolMax vest is available now from in a variety of sizes and protection levels.