Bunker Gear Back Pack By FireMelon USA – Product Snapshot

Fire Melon USA sent me an original customized Bunker Gear Back Pack to check out and offer my thoughts on.

My first thought was that I wish I had this back in school! I am not sure if my kids will want to use it or not, but I am willing to part with it as it shares their name too!

fire melon

I recently learned of Fire Melon USA, and have had the pleasure of learning about their company and their products. The owner, Shane Highsmith, served in the fire service and the US Navy.  The company is based out of Austin, Texas.

Fire Melon USA’s bunker gear products are made with brand new rip-stop Kevlar/Nomex. They get it from the same people your turnout gear companies get it from. It isn’t just made from the outer shell of turnout gear. The inside is made from the same blue quilted inner-liner as turnout gear.

The bag is designed perfectly, and the craftsmanship seems to be top-notch. The design of this bag will make it useful in many applications. A great gift idea for any firefighter or firefighter wife or child.

I think the only thing I would change is to make the shoulder straps a little wider…but then again I don’t make these products, so it is just a suggestion.

I think this bag is going to get some use out of me if my kids don’t want to use it for school. Maybe I will be sporting it at FDIC this year!

Another thought is to use it as my cold weather bag at the firehouse.

Purchase the Bunker Gear Backpack here

fire melon 2Pros: Made in the USA with actual bunker gear. Made out of brand new material.

Cons: The shoulder straps might be better if they were a little wider.

I would recommend Fire Melon USA’s Bunker Gear Back Pack to others, and I will give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

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More on the Bunker Gear Backpack

Backpack in gear lockerThe original Bunker Gear Backpack. Designed by firefighters, for firefighters. Regular, Small, and Mini models are available in all colors! Carry anything from laptops to books to gear.

  • Constructed with a Kevlar®/Nomex® outer shell
  • Closes with 550 Paracord Drawstring, and a flap that snaps shut with 2 trigger snaps.
  • All models have two “radio pockets” that can each hold a water bottle with ease.
  • A front “Cargo Pocket” comes in handy for quick-access.

About Fire Melon USA

Fire Melon is based out of Austin, Texas. It is owned & operated by the Highsmith family. Shane Highsmith served as firefighter for 10 years and is a veteran of –the US Navy. During his time as a firefighter he created many useful products for his brothers. Our products are styled and designed with fire tradition in mind. Having our own shop allows us to cut out the middle-man and keep costs low! Our team of talented seamstresses and craftsmen, who also repair fire gear, create the products you see on our website.

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