Viking Shake Off Challenge – Win 10 Sets of Turnout Gear and More!

VIKING has been working hard to find a way to help firefighters exposed to harmful particles, many of them suspected to be carcinogens. I certainly take my helmet off to their efforts – and for the MACS turnout gear they’ve developed in response to the problem. But I doubt it’s been an easy road. VIKING was the first manufacturer to go out and openly talk about this important issue in relation to changes in turnout gear. The sooner all firefighters are wearing gear that deals with bad particles, the better!

Basically, what you have to do is upload a video to youtube of you/your department dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” by April 2, 2016. Be sure to use the hashtag #VIKINGshakeoffchallenge. Complete entry info is here

As part of their efforts to spotlight firefighter health, VIKING’s just launched a cool competition called the VIKING Shake Off Challenge, giving away 10 sets of MACS turnout gear (yes, you read that right, 10 full sets) to some lucky fire department that can put its best foot forward in a home-made dance video. The song you’ll have to dance to is Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, which most people will know.

I couldn’t help noticing the impressive line-up of additional gear included in the prize, too: Phenix fire helmets, Black Diamond boots, Majestic Fire Apparel hoods and gloves, and glove straps by Leatherhead Concepts. Not a bad bunch of gear to wear to work, if you ask me.

The competition site says the dance video has to be under 2 mins, so that shouldn’t stress anyone too much (although I’d probably forget what I was supposed to do after the first minute’s gone). So get your best movers on the case, fire up the dancefloor, have some fun and see if those 10 sets can be yours. The VIKING site also suggests the winner could donate the prize to a deserving fire crew, of course, so if you’ve already got MACS in the house, but you know of some of our brothers that could do with a helping hand, it could be a good time to feel the spirit of giving. The winning video will be announced at Indy on Fire. Good luck!