Helmet Cam: First Due, Uncut, Quick Knockdown of a Stockton Fire

Video by: StocktonFireHistory. Video info: On March 8th, 2016, Stockton Firefighters responded to reports of a structure fire in the area of Roosevelt and Pilgrim. Fire crews arrived on scene to find fire in a boarded-up residence, in a structure that had recently previously burned.

Stockton Firefighters worked quickly to extinguish the flames and search the structure. There were no victims found, and no injuries occurred on this fire.

There is an old saying in the fire service: ‘The Garbageman does not drive down the street, surprised to see the garbage cans out.’ Stockton Firefighters are committed to training and preparation in order to be ready, act calmly, move efficiently, and ‘Expect Fire.’ This video approximately represents a normal operation on a fireground in Stockton: arrive on scene, get off the rig, pull the hoseline, put your mask on, and put out the fire. Stockton Firefighters are proud to serve and protect the citizens and City of Stockton CA.

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