“Another 24” Features the Shreveport FD. Check Out Episodes 1-3 and a Trailer for Episode 4

“Another 24” is a series of films based on the Shreveport Fire Department by Black Helmet Films. I think you will enjoy what they are doing down South. Episodes 1-3 are below as well as the trailer to episode 4. Enjoy.

Another 24 Episode 3 “Senior and Company”

Videos by: Black Helmet Films. Episode 3 info: Episode 3 of Another 24 “Senior and Company” shows a different side of the Fire Department…….The families of the men and women on those Fire Trucks. Take some time and see what its like for those that are left home for those 24 hours at a time.

Episode 2 “Another 24 – MC Squared”

Episode 2 info: Come and spend 24 hours with the newest rookie at one of the busiest fire stations in the City Of Shreveport.

Episode 1 “Another 24” – 5th Shift

Episode 1 info: Another 24 is a short film we put together about the 5th Shift we had at Central Fire Station on A-Shift. We hope you enjoy the look into what we do and who we are.

Another 24 Episode 4 “Blood vs. Water” Trailer

Episode 4 info: Survivor SUPERSTARS Keith Nale and Wesley Nale from Survivor Season 29 Blood vs. Water took some time out with BHF to talk about their experiences on the show and what being a fireman did to help their time as a Castaway. Be sure to tune in February 16th to find out what they had to say!