Product Review: FoxFury SideSlide C-Clamp Side Mounted Helmet Light

TFS_300_blackThis is a product review for the FoxFury: SideSlide C-Clamp Side Mounted Helmet Light, 200 Lumens

Powerful LED flashlight with innovative helmet adapter, which allows the light to convert to a side mounted helmet light in seconds. Features a rear safety LED that helps you be seen on scene.

This light is available through TheFireStore. Click here to purchase

downloadThe Fire Critic Says:

I like FoxFury products. Over the years, they have continued to innovate hands-free flashlight ideas for firefighters. This 200 lumen light is bright and powerful. The 8 degree beam has a narrow path of light which is great for low-light situations. One very interesting option they added to this light is the rear safety LED (it’s green and flashes while the light is on).

The light is easily detachable from the helmet mount which also makes it easy to place it back in the mount. There are several different types of mounts for the light, although I have the c-clamp mount for use on fire helmets. The light slides in and out of the clamp via a “tap switch” and it is held in place securely with a shroud around the flashlight.

As for the helmet mount, I have had a long-standing issue with mounting items on my helmet. I can’t even stand the bourkes on the front of my helmet…so I removed them. I have been known to have a helmet camera on my helmet, but I can’t stand the way the weight makes the helmet tilt to that side.

IMG_0299The same goes for helmet mounted flashlights. I have never been keen on them. I will tell you that I have at least 3 flashlights on me at all times on different parts of my gear.

The light uses CR123 batteries instead of AA or AAA. I imagine this provides a longer operating time, but they are a little more expensive.

The clamp has two screws on it, they tighten down pretty good but they aren’t set-screws and the clamp seems a little bulky on a helmet.

Pros: bright light; fits good in your hand; 4-8 hour burn time; rear safety flashing light.

Cons: bulky clamp; screws on helmet mount might loosen up.

I would recommend this light to others, and I will give it a 4 out of 5 stars.
Let me break down that score a bit more, that would be 5 for the light and 3 for the clamp averaging out to a 4. 

This light is available through TheFireStore. Click here to purchase

IMG_0302More specs are below:

This 200 lumen light features a unique lock and C-clamp system that securely attaches this flashlight to firefighter helmets and full brim style hard hats.

Traditional side mounted helmet lights have a focused beam and affix to the side of fire and rescue helmets. As with other fire helmet lights, they cannot quickly be removed from the helmet and used as flashlights due to the clamp or mount used. The SideSlide C-Clamp features an innovative helmet adaptor with a lock that goes into a custom groove on the flashlight and quickly clicks into place when locked.