Help Support HFD Captain “Iron Bill” Dowling & His Family

I will make this short and sweet…

HTGGwBC(R)Buy a shirt and/or download a song to raise money for the purchase of a specially equipped van for Houston FD Captain William “Iron Bill” Dowling.

Iron Bill was severely injured in a 2013 fire that left 4 firefighters dead and 10 other injured. Since that day, Iron Bill has been making his recovery a testament to what humans are capable of.

Help The Good Guys is heading up fundraising to purchase Bill a specially equipped van to make his life a little easier. They are doing this in close cooperation with Bill’s wife and family. Through the sales of “Iron Bill” t-shirts and downloading songs through their web site, funds are being collected to purchase the van.

bill dowling2Visit for more information about Bill and how you can help download songs and purchase shirts. The shirts are being sold directly through for Help The Good Guys.

If you are unable to help financially, please consider sharing this post or the links to helping Iron Bill with friends and family via social media. coverage of the fatal Houston fire on May 13, 2013 can be viewed here and here.

Rhett Fleitz
The Fire Critic