TECGEN Technical Rescue/Wildland PPE – Product Snapshot

tecgen-xtremeTECGEN® brand non-structural turnout gear is dual-certified for Wildland Fire (NFPA 1977-2011) and Technical Rescue (NFPA 1951-2013). Learn more at Fire.TECGEN.com.

TECGEN®XTREME garments are the lightweight, durable, single layer alternative to wearing bunker gear on every call.

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Reduce exposing your valuable turnout hear to hazards such as rips, tears, contamination and UV light degradation when you choose the wear TECGEN® XTREME protective apparel.

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Me in my TECGEN Gear!

TECGEN® XTREME fabrics are made with a TECGEN® high density fiber blend and para-aramid in a comfortable and durable construction. TECGEN® fiber is a patented, inherently flame resistant fiber providing advanced heat and flame protection capabilities. This unique fiber has a high density carbon shell, yet the core is engineered to be flexible, providing increased durability over typical carbon based fibers.

This technology allows us to develop fabrics that offer high levels of thermal protection (TPP) and breathability (THL) when typically you have to sacrifice one for the other.

The Bottom Line

  • Extend the life of turnout gear – wear this for many of your calls
  • Lightweight, cool and comfortable
  • Economical – one third the cost of traditional turnout gear
  • Multifunctional – combine extrication, wildland fire, search and rescue into one solution
  • NFPA / UL certified protection.