Video: Apartment Fire and Gas Explosion leaves 3 Firefighters Injured.

3 Firefighters were injured. The building had been evacuated prior to the first explosion. This happened today in Marsailles, France.

Video from Facebook below

Two successive explosions rang this morning at 10:20 in an apartment of a two storey building at the corner of the street and boulevard Salengro Ventimiglia (15th) in Marseilles. A gas cylinder is the cause of the accident, which caused an impressive fire. Three fire engines are there, the fire is now under control.

Press Release (translated):

At 10 h 22 this Thursday, February 5, 2015, the Battalion is biased to a fire in a residential use building consisting of 3 levels (1 ground floor + 2 floors), located at 1 boulevard of Ventimiglia, in the 15ᵉ arrondissement of Marseille.

Arrived on the scene, marine brigade face a localized fire on the first floor of the building. They then implement the necessary means to carry out simultaneously extinguishing flames and recognitions in the building to ensure the absence of victims.

At 10 h 44, one couple engaged the first floor, equipped with fire extinguishing equipment and breathing apparatus, underwent the explosion of a bottle of domestic gas 13 kg. A marine fighter then suffered injuries to the lower extremities. A second, designed by the blast outside the building by a window frame, fall on the first floor. The first injured prisoner of the building will be evacuated by a marine fighter binomial security. The second, after falling, was wounded in visage.Tous two were quickly supported by health resources on the scene and evacuated to hospitals north and LAVERAN. The injuries sustained have not revealed serious and their days are not in danger. A third victim, previously evacuated from the building affected by fumes and shocked, will also be transported to a hospital.

Some other minor injuries marine brigade, will also be transported for medical care. The massive fire gear arrived on the scene will allow the rapid extinction of the claim and securing the site. The fire will be declared extinct 13 h 25.

The balance sheet:

  • there are six victims including 5 marine brigade;
  • 20 fire and rescue vehicles and 53 marine brigade will be deployed on this response;
  • impacted the building was completely destroyed by fire, explosion and smoke.

This explosion comes 30 years to the day after the dramatic explosion of Perier boulevard that killed 6 people, 1 marine brigade and injured 19 others. At the same time the battalion was commemorating the memory of the dead naval firemen to save lives. The opportunity for Admiral Charles-Henri garia, commander of the Marseille Naval Fire Battalion to recall the sense of Seamen fire, a commitment which may extend to sacrifice. He then paid tribute to all marine brigade, their courage, dedication and insist on the necessary rigor and preparation that require this business.

Two successive explosions took place in this building in the 15th district this morning. J.-LC PHOTOS

Two successive explosions took place in this building in the 15th district this morning. J.-LC PHOTOS