Help Purchase a Van for Captain William “Iron Bill” Dowling. Download a Song To Help Out!

Bill Dowling pictured center

Bill Dowling pictured center

Help The Good Guys is an organization I have been around for a couple of years now. I have been impressed with Founder Mickey Milam’s dedication to the cause and ability to get Country Music Stars involved with it.

Short and sweet: By downloading this song you can help out Iron Bill who survived the deadliest fire in Houston FD history. Bill was injured along with 9 other firefighters. Bill’s injuries were life changing.

All he (and I) are asking you to do is download “One of the Good Guys” by Aaron Tippin to help purchase a van for Iron Bill Dowling. (itunes download here)

If you want, you can download another song Proud by George Shingleton to help out HTGG so they can do more. (amazon downloaditunes download)

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Help The Good Guys Mission: We have a simple, but robust mission: to help severely injured first responders in need. We do that by focusing on community-based fund raising including education, awareness, and direct contributions and utilizing our contacts in the music industry. We strive to make a difference.

If you want to learn more about Captain William “Iron Bill” Dowlings story, watch the video and read more below.


On May 31, 2013, the Houston Fire Department responded to a five-alarm fire at the Southwest Inn.  Approximately 14 minutes into the incident, a massive and catastrophic roof collapse occurred, trapping five firefighters under tons of debris.  On that fateful day, Houston lost four of its finest, and ten other firefighters were injured, making it the deadliest blaze in the department’s history — and Captain Bill Dowling received life changing injuries.

Captain Dowling, the officer in charge of Engine 68 (one of the busiest in the city), responded quickly to the fire.  He and his crew laid dual supply lines into the attack engine, then hooked up Engine 68 to the hydrant to maximize pumping capabilities.  He then began assisting Engine 51 with the fire attack and primary search. Because it was unknown if civilians were evacuated, Captain Dowling and his crew bravely entered the structure and began searching a smoky area filled with tables and chairs in heat of nearly 200 degrees.  Not long into the search, the ceiling and roof collapsed. Captain Dowling was severely injured, partially pinned and exposed to smoke, heat and flames –all of which was greatly intensified when exposed to open air.

Despite his injuries, Captain Dowling was able to hit his mayday button, alerting others to his location and resulting in his rescue.  Rescue teams were deployed, but in the end, only Captain Dowling made it out alive. His first question after being safely brought outside was to ask about the rest of his crew. In the ensuing months, he showed miraculous spirit as he fought for his life. His critical injuries were life threatening many times over, and he faced devastating complications to his condition. Captain Dowling received many serious burns and had both legs partially amputated. He earned the nickname “Iron Bill” for his courageous fight.  Bill Dowling is 40, he has been with the Houston Fire Department for 13 years.He and his wife, Jacki, have three children: Forrest, 18, Faith, 13, and Foster, 11.