Watch From Multiple Helmet Cam Views as Firefighters Rescue Man at Apartment Fire

Ladder rescues can be very dangerous to not only the victim but also for the firefighters. Aerial rescue is not always possible, as seen in this video. These firefighters buy a little extra time in rescuing this victim and the route to safety ends up being the safest of all possibly. Great edit, great video, and great job!  – RMF

Video by: Lcfd Lcfd. Video info: Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department responding to a building fire at 97 Cedarhurst Ave., Apt 3H, Cedarhurst, NY. LCFD units immediately confirmed a person trapped by fire, hanging out of a window, on the top floor of a 100′ X 200′ multiple dwelling. The victim was eventually located by Capt. James McHugh (R-324 Chauffeur) and assisted down the interior stairs by several other members.

H/T: Firefighter Nation


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