Helmet Cam: PA Firefighters Battle Freezing Temperatures at House Fire


Video by: Anthony Bendele. Video info: Short clip from my helmet cam this morning (3rd working fire in 7 days). We arrived on scene with 5 on the Tower. First of all the weather outside was 5 degrees at the time of dispatch with a windchill of negative 10 degrees. This is a mutual aid area for us outside of the city, with this exact location being down a one lane road (no hydrants). Because of this tanker operations were set up to begin a water supply. Well for those of you who know how the weather works, freezing temperatures usually lead to freezing water. Which was the case. Not only were lines freezing, but us brothers who could barely move in gear that was frozen solid as well. As far as the exact portion of this video that you are seeing, this is the front porch (alpha side) of a house that is gutted. The attached garage had already collapsed on the delta side. We also had a major collapse on the charlie/delta corner of the house itself. At this point we were opening up the porch roof, with 1 hand line behind us. However between tankers trying to bring water from a mile and a half away, as well as everything freezing, it was extremely hard to keep a constant water flow going.

Location: Jackson Township, Northumberland County, PA

Date: January 8th, 2015

Units on Scene:

Trucks: 542

Engines: 63, 721, 64, 312, Dauphin County 20, Snyder County 9-2

Rescue: Dauphin County 28

Tankers: 63, Dauphin County 27, Dauphin County 26, 62, Dauphin County 28, 65, 712, 313,

Brush: 713

Squads: 549

Ambulance: 414

Chiefs: Deputy 63, Chief 63

Picking up right where we left off last year with fire after fire. Below is the link for last years teaser video:



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