Helmet Cam: 3 Alarm Video from Sunbury, PA (2 Video)


Video by: Anthony Bendele. Video info: Short clip of our arrival at a working dwelling fire in the city. We arrived on scene with 4 on the Tower as well as having Engine 561 right behind us. We immediately pulled a line off the truck to save an exposure on the delta side of the structure while Engine 561 stretched multiple lines to the bravo and charlie sides. (For those armchair QB’s who are no doubt gonna talk about the water flow, the line was stretched instantly to save the exposure with the tank water and after 5″ was connected then we drowned it and got adequate pressure on the line). No units went to the alpha side initially due to live wires being down and arching. In all the box went to 3 alarms (on scene and transfers). Multiple homes were damaged due to high heat from the fire. Houses on the bravo and delta sides had the siding melt completely off. Homes on the opposite side of the street (alpha side) also suffered heat damage which included melted siding and broken windows. 3rd Alarm units on scene or transferred were as follows: Truck 542, Truck 734, Truck 32, Engine 561, Engine 721, Engine 531, Engine 572, Snyder County Engine 9-2, Engine 741, Engine 521, Engine 711, Engine 111, Rescue 552, Rescue 735, Rescue 62 (RIT), Squad 533, Squad 553, Squad 581, Squad 563, MICU 545



Video below by: Newsradio WKOK. Video info: SUNBURY — A two-alarm fire has destroyed two homes in Sunbury. The fire started at 1102 and 1104 Miller Street near Lenker Avenue in Sunbury just before 9 a. So far no injuries have been reported. Read latest Here: http://goo.gl/FQJqIo

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