Video & Radio Traffic: Brooklyn 4th Alarm Fire

Video by: The NYC Buff. Video info:85 Hemlock St.,fire 1st fl of a 2 sty 15X20 PD, E-236 gave 10-75, L-143 FAST, 14:37..BN-39, All Hands, 14:37..BN-39, Extra E&T..E-294,L-142,
14:39..BN-39, 2 L/S/O, 14:49..D-15,2nd Alarm, fire in exposure 4, 14:51..D-15,3rd Alarm, fire in exposure 2, 15:05..Car 4A, 4th Alarm

Video above by: 10-75 The Box!. Video info: Recording of the 4th Alarm box 1898, that occured on 11/22/14 in Brooklyn, New York. Please note that the recording is edited, but other incidents in the borough can also be heard. Follow NYC Fire Wire for FDNY news and fires Sound provided by

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