Interior or Exterior? What Would You Do?

This is a training opportunity. Do this on your own, or drag your crew into it. Take a minute and watch the video. Then decide, based on what is seen in the video, whether you would go interior or stay outside on this one. This is in no way pointing fingers at the tactics used…this is being used for conversation, not ridicule. We simply cannot know all of the details of this incident from the view of one camera angle…plus, I doubt many (if any) of you all were there.

  • Where would the first line go? Second? Third? and so on…
  • Where would the search begin?
  • Where, how, when would you ventilate?
  • What are some other considerations?
    • Time of day?
    • Potential occupants?
    • Victim survivability profile…err.. that is a fancy term for “if there were occupants, could they still be alive?”

Some things I noticed…The fire is going pretty good on the first floor on arrival. The second floor  is venting thick black smoke. Not knowing the building construction in the Country where this fire occurred, it appears that there are pretty decent walls between the apartments hampering fire spread. However, there is some evidence of smoke (and possibly fire) in at least one of the exposures.

Now discuss… (below is the translated info on the video)

Video by: Regio Hoogeveen. Video info: Great consternation and panic arose early Saturday morning in a house fire in the Emmastraat. A neighbor had gone to investigate after smelling something burning and found a little further a large house fire at a townhouse. He hit alarm. Using other neighbors warned neighbors by banging on its doors. Men, women, children and a baby were looking in underwear and nightwear safety. The house was now to tail ablaze.


training moment