Dash & Helmet Cam: Shrewsbury, PA House Fire w/ MAYDAY and R.I.T. Deployment


Video by: mcfdtv. Video info: (C) Glen Rock fire Department re-uploaded with permission for training only.

Box 61-10
800 West Forest Avenue
Shrewsbury Township, Pa

At 11:29 hours York County 911 sounded Box 61-10 for a report of a Residential Structure Fire in the
800 block of West Forrest Avenue
Shrewsbury Township.
The 1st Alarm brought Engine & Rescue 61 (Shrewsbury), from their Public Fire Education Detail, Engine & Truck 58 (New Freedom), Engine 59 (Glen Rock), & Ambulance 59. Chief 61 (Myers) was first to arrive, with in minutes of the dispatch, and reported a single story single family dwelling with heavy fire showing from side “Alpha”.
Chief 61 established Command and requested a “Working Fire” profile and a “Tanker task Force”, due to the area being a non hydrant area. Engine 61 arrived and their crew took 2 1″3/4 attack lines and knocked the fire from the exterior before making a transition to an interior attack.

Rescue 61 arrived on scene and crew members from the 61 units, who were not involved in the interior attack, laddered the roof and placed a vent hole. Engine & Truck 58 arrived and were instructed by Command to open up the interior. While the 58 Units began to operate on the Division 1 area of the home Engine 59 arrived.

Command appointed the officer of Engine 59 as “Safety” and requested the crew report to manpower staging with tools and hand tools. As the members from 59 approached the staging area Command received the radio traffic reporting a members falling down the stairs.

Command called for Chief Naylor (Safety) and his crew to deploy as RIT and remove the downed Firefighter. From previous radio traffic we knew there was no fire in the basement. We entered the basement and found a minimal smoke condition if any.

The downed firefighter was found at the bottom of the stairs alert and orientated still in his complete protective gear with another member of his company beside him, Assistant Chief Holloway who was the voice you hear on the radio reporting he fell). We assisted the firefighter out of the structure and called for EMS.

A quick for injuries revealed the firefighter complaining of lower back pain and tail bone pain. The firefighter was assisted out of his gear and turned over to EMS.

The event went very quickly, a lot to do with the good conditions in the basement and the fact the firefighter had minor injuries. We were extremely fortunate things were working in our favor that day. It appears after talking to members involved that some type of debris had falling over and covered the stairwell giving the impression of a floor. Once the firefighter got on it the material gave way and he fell.
Additional information should be available shortly.

Details provided by Michael T. Naylor, EMT-P Assistant Chief