2014 NFFF Memorial Weekend. 107 Firefighters Added to the Memorial

The video above is from NFFFTV on Youtube. There are more videos called “Hero Tributes” that the Social Media video team recorded this weekend.  The videos offer accounts from family and friends (Survivors) of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters. Watch them here

For full coverage of the weekend, check out the following links below. There has already been a lot of coverage added and more will be added in the days and weeks to come.

This year, 107 Firefighters were added to the Memorial. 98 from 2013 and 9 from previous years. Their names are below:

Jantzen Murrell Frazier, Stanley H. Martin Jr., Steven Allen Sullivan

Andrew S. Ashcraft, Robert E. Caldwell, Travis C. Carter, Dustin J. DeFord, Bradley C. Harper, Thomas A. Johnson, Christopher Alan MacKenzie, Eric S. Marsh, Grant Q. McKee, Sean M. Misner, Scott Daniel Norris, Wade Scott Parker, John J. Percin Jr., Anthony M. Rose, Jesse J. Steed, Joe B. Thurston, Travis Turbyfill, William H. Warneke, Clayton T. Whitted, Kevin J. Woyjeck, Garret Zuppiger

Christopher L. Douglas, Luke Douglas Foster Sheehy

John R. Keppler, I.D. Rivers

David Jeff Little, Lonnie L. Nutt

Dennis James Long, Mark T. Urban

Christopher Reed Brown

Photo by Mike Legeros

Photo by Mike Legeros

Arlie “Pooh” Hill III

Clyde R. Farmer, Steven Anthony Hester

David R. Barr Jr., Gene Meir Kirchner

John T. Austin, David A Brier, Richard D. Mingolelli

Nathaniel C. Fruin, Brian A. Woehlke

Matthew Charles Frantz

Kevin L. Johnson, Mickey L. Yates

Matthew D. Blankenship, Harold B. Hollingsworth

New Hampshire
James B. Clark

New Jersey
David C. Lidke, Jeffrey Scheuerer

New Mexico
Token M. Adams, Daniel Alan Davidson, Danny A. Gomez

New York
Thomas J. Burley, James C. Goodman Jr., John M. Janos, Matthew J. Porcari, Michael D. Sowich, George A. Turner Jr.

North Carolina
Tony Barker, Jeffrey L. Fields, David Anthony Heath, Scott A. Morrison, Jon Schondelmayer

Terry Richard Guss Sr., Leroy E. Murphy Jr., John J. Wayman Sr.

John E. Hammack, Oscar Montano-Garcia, Jesse Austin Trader

Michael R. Goodwin Sr., Russell D. Gow III, Rodney P. Miller, Bruce Lamar Sensenig, Claudia J. Sokol, Blaine E. “Skeeter” Wildnauer Jr.

South Carolina
Michael Louis Broz, Rodney C. Hardee

Richard J. Floersch, David M. Schnepp

Robert Ryan Bebee, Morris W. Bridges Jr.,  Perry Wayne Calvin,  Jerry Dane Chapman,  Cody Frank Dragoo,  Robert H. Garner IV,  Kenneth Lucky Harris Jr.,  Donald Mark Mize,  Gregory Wade Pickard,  Joseph F. “Joey” Pustejovsky,  Cyrus Adam Reed,  Matthew R. Renaud,  Kevin William Sanders,  Douglas J. Snokhous,  Robert L. Snokhous Sr.,  Anne McCormick Sullivan,  Eric D. Wallace,  Stan Wilson

Joseph E. Newsome, Timothy Wayne Pigg, Joshua Travis Smith

Daniel J. Hall, Albert A. Nejmeh

West Virginia
John T. Appleton, Charles A. Pierson

God Bless

If you don’t know, my role during the NFFF Memorial Weekend is the Social Media Team Leader. Really though, I am simply a part of a very caring team tasked with sharing the events of the weekend via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. My immediate team this year was comprised of Tim McCloskey (Kentland), Bill Carey (PennWell), Mike Legeros (Raleigh), and Doug Walton (Howard County, MD). Others included in the larger “Social Media” team include Tiger Schmittendorf (Erie County, NY) who heads up the video team, Jim Guy (Erie County, NY), Dave Hernandez/Justin Coan/Kelly Anne (Into The Smoke), Greg Guise, and Jack Wilson (Wilmington, DE). All of us were working for Dave Statter and Molly Natchipolsky of the NFFF and along side of Willie Wines Jr. We also work hand in hand with the NFFF Web Team who do an amazing job during the weekend and throughout the year. Lest I forget Bob Shilling who handles all of the media contacts for the weekend.

We were just a small part of the 1000 or so volunteers who make each NFFF Memorial Weekend the best experience for the new and returning Survivors. Our team rarely seen and never heard…our efforts can be seen Worldwide, yet our jobs are thankless. This is the same as all of the other volunteers of the weekend and the way it should be. We are there to honor the Fallen and support the Survivors.

Special thanks to the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services for allowing us to utilize their command bus (Command 17) this weekend. It truly made our jobs easier!

Thank you to all who I worked around. I will see you again next year at the Memorial Weekend.


L-R: Bill Carey, Rhett Fleitz, Tim McCloskey, Doug Walton, Dave Statter, Jack Wilson, Willie Wines Jr. (Mike Legeros took the picture)