Early Video & Helmet Cam From 3 Alarm Rowhouse Fire in Shamokin, PA ( 3 Videos)

The additional video above was uploaded to youtube recently and I thought I would share it. I would consider this a close call. Early in the video, two firefighters are raising a ladder and it comes in contact with overhead utility lines. Luckily, they were not injured.

Video above by: mcfdtv

Video above by: mcfdtv. Video info: 3rd Alarm with Special Call

Videos below by: Anthony Bendele. Video info: Short clip of myself and Houtz working the roof at a 3 alarm job in Shamokin today. Conditions deteriorated rapidly after a short amount of time and we decided to pull off as visibility hit zero, simultaneously command was making the same decision and it was relayed to us when we got back to the bucket. Roof construction made it very difficult to get vent holes in (2″ – 3″ plank board covered with foam board, shingles and rubber roofing). I’ll post more video once I get the ok from the chief staff.




3 alarm fire