Must See Video: Newark, NJ Firefighter Trapped at Attic Window Apparently Out of Air (3 videos)

Video by: Jeff Stang.

I am not certain that the firefighter is out of air, but it seems that way from the video and comments of bystanders in the video of him not having his face piece on. Either way, the firefighter was in need of assistance getting out of the building.  There isn’t much info on this other than it was in Newark, NJ on Fillmore Street this evening and a firefighter is trapped. Watch as the crews on scene work to get to the firefighter via extension ladder, aerial ladder, and from inside the structure. Also note what happens at 6:00 into the video. I imagine it became pretty intense on scene. The videographer notes that the fire was through the roof earlier although it is not caught on video.

Video above by Skyler Fire


newark close call

newark close call