Feature Your Products on FireCritic.com

FireCritic.com is one of the most popular fire service blogs in the World. Coupled with a Facebook page that boasts 130k+ fans, and other social media outlets it is one of the most powerful fire service sites in the World as well. If you are interested in getting your products showcased on FireCritic.com and/or the Facebook page it is easier and probably MUCH CHEAPER than you thought.

Of course there are plenty of advertising opportunities on FireCritic.com and you can view them here.

Recently, I began doing “Product Snapshots” instead of the more time consuming product reviews. This was merely due to time and the benefit of having products showcased on the site. The value of a product snapshot is worth much more than a $50 product, and the amount of people wanting reviews simply didn’t afford me time to get them completed.

What is a Product Snapshot? It is a detailed article about your product  featuring all the information about that product including pictures and video. This also includes links to your web site, how to order the product, and links to your social media.

Then we take that and we share it on Facebook and Twitter.

The price? Well you will need to contact me for that. Email today at FireCritic@FireCritic.com for further information and how you can put FireCritic.com to work for your company!

Examples of Product Snapshots

Fire Critic on Facebook

product snapshot