Has Your Department Considered Using a Drone for Recon?

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I admit that I like a good drone (quadcopter) video of a fire. Most of these videos have been from drone enthusiasts who take the opportunity to video a fire near them. Some have even been training fires.

While I am not a “buff” or chase fires, I have contemplated getting a drone as a hobby for my son and I. I brought it up, he was interested, so it is a no-brainer for potential father/son time for us….plus, you never know what we may be able to video.

I have not seen too many fire departments that have embraced the use of drones…which makes sense. I don’t know of too many departments that have a bunch of firefighters with nothing to do on the fireground. The video above is a great example of using a drone to find a fire. Even though this was not a FD drone, you can see the possibilities. Check it above. Does your department use drones? Read the article here


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