Sheriff’s Deputy’s Selfie Pisses Off Firefighters, Calls Them “Darn Hose Draggers”. Meh, I Think It’s Humor.

It is no secret that “Selfies” are very popular these days. It enables us to be our very own paparazzi when no one is around to take our picture. There is a selfie that has caught the eye of firefighters pictured in it and apparently pissed off some of them. The selfie in question was taken by a Pike County, Ohio Sherrif’s deputy at a house fire with the caption “Darn Hose Draggers”.

I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not it bothers you.

Here are my thoughts…

  • This selfie probably wasn’t the best idea. The Deputy could have saved himself some trouble by not taking the picture and/or not sharing the picture.
  • The caption “Darn Hose Draggers” didn’t help him out either.
  • I doubt it was done to piss off firefighters, but I have known to be wrong at times.
  • I really don’t think that this is a big deal at all.
  • It might be a big deal with his boss if it is against policy though.
  • Does him calling firefighters “hose draggers” really bother me…no not at all. I think of it as humor. I can’t recount the “donut eating” comments made at my firehouse about cops…all humor, we love our brothers and sisters in blue.

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You be the judge…does it make you mad? Leave a comment below!


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