The Best of Motivational…or Demotivational Firefighting Posters (111 images)

The crew (me) here at Fire Critic Headquarters (my desk) are always seeking ways to motivate you (yes both of you readers!). I thought what better way to motivate you than to show you some motivational demotivational posters!

And yes, there are some EMS posters in there as well…deal with it!

Here are some of the best I was able to find on the internet!

Back in 2011 and again in 2012 I posted two posts about demotivational posters. They ended up being some of the most popular articles ever on Due to restructuring the blog during the beginning of this year, the formatting was lost and those articles were ruined. I took the time to combine the articles and add in some new ones. What you end up with is 111 of the best Firefighting Demotivational Posters. Enjoy!

Some images are from and

Also check out demotivational posters on Happy Medic and Raising Ladders.

Click on the images for the full size, some of them are cropped in their smaller thumbnails as seen below.