Viral Video: “F#$K Truck” Overturns in Charlotte According to One Anchorwoman in Rhode Island

During the news story about the Charlotte Ladder Truck that rolled over last week, an Anchorwoman mistakenly says “F$#K Truck” instead of “Fire Truck”. I am sure some firefighters might find some humor in it!

Thanks to J.I. for tipping me off to the story. Gawker has more on it here.

Video by: SoxPatsFan74. Video info: During tonight’s 7pm newscast on WJAR NBC 10 Alison said the “F” word!! LMAO!!! Then over pronounces it the second time “FIRE TRUCK!” Making it obvious she literally “F’d” up!!! LOVE IT!! Att least say sorry!! 5.7.2014

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fuck truck instead of fire truck