Into The Smoke: Watch Season 1 and Help Make Season 2 a Reality

Above is a video that Captain Wines and I shot for the Into The Smoke Kickstarter campaign. Below you will find the complete season 1 of Into The Smoke.

The Kickstarter page is here

IntoTheSmoke.TVITS on FBITS on Youtube

photo-mainFire is inconsistent, which makes filming Into the Smoke hit-or-miss. Some weekends we could see two fires; some weekends we may not see any. The sporadic nature of the fire service could impact the release schedule for Season 2.

Our ultimate goal is to promote awareness to the general public about the lives of firefighters and their value to the community. We accompany fire departments on every call possible, but not all of them are fires. However, every moment spent with a department could be the next piece of the story. With your support, we will continue to tell the story of America’s Bravest.