Video: Stockton FD Offers a Complete Look at the January Fire That Raised Safety Concerns by Chief Piechura

The Stockton, CA Fire Department training division put together a video featuring scene video, audio, and commentary on fire they experienced in January. Additional details include reports of 2 children inside the vacant and boarded up commercial structure. The original video (included in this video report) was posted on here.

The Fire became contreversial when Stockton Fire Chief Piechura raised safety concerns over what he saw in the video. Good for him. While we have a dangerous job, we rely on others to create policy for our safety while we are on duty. Sometimes we may HAVE to take risks that are against policy. The video does not explain any changes within the organization after the fire. I imagine that some of the initial thoughts on safety concerns were understood once the entire incident was detailed…However, as a group (the fire service) we have to look out for our safety, our well being, and each other while operating on scene.

This video reassures us that it is better to get the whole story before passing judgement from one picture, one short video, or one detail of an incident that you were not at.

What are your thoughts?

The video was uploaded by SFDTrainingDiv.

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