Remembering Black Sunday – FDNY Multiple LODD’s – January 23, 2005. Learn and Share

If you don’t do anything else today, check out the information in this article about FDNY’s Black Sunday. Then share it with your Brother and Sister Firefighters so that they may learn. has Complete Coverage on the Incident here

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Remembering FDNY Black Sunday..Multiple Firefighter LODD’s January 25, 2005

When the six men got to the fourth floor, they started searching from apartment to apartment, but they’d found no civilians (except the skinny guy and naked fat lady one of the guys saw hightailing it out of there just as they came up the stairs). Now they were in Apartment 4-L, feeling their way along the walls from room to room—six men loaded down with gear, sucking in air from their tanks—and soon they got turned around, lost in the smoke. Brendan Cawley, the probie with just a month on the job, kept seeing padlocks on the doors of every room and was confused; he hadn’t been around long enough to know how many apartments in this neighborhood had been converted into cheap, crowded rooming houses. This place had been chopped up, probably illegally. Random walls and carelessly thrown-up partitions created a maze.  (Read the entire report)

Audio from the fire w/ transcript is below