Captain Wines and I Will Be Speaking in Kalamazoo, MI This Weekend! Be there if you can!

This weekend, Captain Willie Wines Jr. and I will be heading to Kalamazoo, Michigan to speak  at the Winter Seminar put on by the KZOO FOOLS and the Kalamazoo County Fire Chief’s Training Committee. Afterwards, we will be attending the FOOLS Brotherhood Bash. On Sunday, we head to Detroit where the National Firefighters Endowment will be delivering tools and equipment to Detroit FD Firehouses.

In Kalamazoo, Wines and I will be speaking about Motivating Firefighters, Improving Morale, Utilizing Social Media, and Professional Wellness.

Click here for information on attending

Saturday night, be sure to make the Brotherhood Bash after the seminar.

Facebook Event page for the Brotherhood Bash

It will be a great time.

They have a ton of great stuff to win, including a Pig Tool, Set of Irons, and a Set of Janesville Turnout Gear. To see more about the event and what else you have a chance to win look here.

As always, Willie and I are honored to speak. We have had the chance to hang out with some of the KZOO FOOLS in the past and have really enjoyed their company. In addition, they understand us.



Sons of the Flag, Willie and I, and some of the KZOO FOOLS at the Fire Critic/Iron Firemen Meetup at FDIC 2013.