Video: Warren, OH Lifetime Muffler Burns. Interesting Commentary Including “See Me After the Fire Punk”

Video by: Terrence Brogdon

This fire occurred yesteray. Interesting commentary by Terrence on this fire including the remark “See me after the fire punk”. The commentary gets better as the video rolls. had this early this morning.

Additional information from a Warren Firefighter:

We responded with 3 apparatus to one of the farther out lying areas of our community. Manpower was an AC in command car, squad (main engine) with 5 (engineer, officer, & 3 firefighters) 1 quint with 3 (engineer, officer, firefighter) and our rescue ( heavy rescue / no water or pump on board – which is being replaced within 2 months when reuse engine arrives) this apparatus was manned with 3 (engineer, officer, firefighter)
We also had our inspector acting as our safety officer at the scene.

*2 substations were browned out for the day due to low manpower

Shortly after arrival when operations were still being established the IC was advised of another possible structure fire (report of heavy smoke coming from and attic) this call was close to our central station. Many off duty members had been at the station after attending the funeral services for a retired Lt. just 15 or so minutes earlier. An officer and firefighter responded in the only remaining fire dept vehicle (utility pick up) when they confirmed a working fire, advised the other IC who had cleared the quint the only manned apparatus with pump. The other truck (the squad) was pumping at original fire. Which responded with 3 members. Immediate call back was ordered by the IC and the other scene officer took command which included this IC calling for mutual aid from Howland twp.

After about 2 hours and additional resources being divided between the 2 incidences a crew of four was being cleared to man a reserve apparatus, rehab equipment and themselves. While preparing to leave another structure fire was reported as a kitchen fire which the owner had extinguished prior to FD arrival however EMS was called to the scene for the occupant for smoke inhalation.

We also were able to save an antique mustang and a corvette convertible which sustained no damage

more info here also–video-.html?nav=5021

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Warren muffler shop was destroyed Monday afternoon by a fire, which also destroyed three vehicles inside.

Firefighters responded to Lifetime Muffler and Auto Repair, 2643 W. Market St., about 3 p.m. Flames and smoke were pouring out of the building when firefighters arrived, but they did manage to recover two vehicles from inside. Three others were burned before the flames were extinguished.


lifetime muffler fire in warren ohio