Confederate Flag painted on Axe Gets Firefighter Suspended

An Orange County, FL firefighter painted the confederate flag on an axe. In the end, the firefighter got 12 hours unpaid suspension and the half of the crew at the firehouse is getting moved. This story reminds me of one I ran on the Elmont FD back in 2011 (read it here)

What do you think? Is the customized axe acceptable? Is the suspension warranted?

WFTV: (originally seen on their FB page)

An Orange County firefighter’s decision to paint a confederate flag on a county-owned fire ax has resulted in a 12-hour unpaid suspension, Channel 9 has learned.

The ax was discovered at the scene of a house fire in Pine Hills.

The report claims a black man who lived at the home that was burning was already upset about the fire at his home, so when a fire department lieutenant saw the ax with the flag painted on it, he told a supervisor about it and took it away before the homeowner saw it. (continue reading the whole story)