Helmet Cam: Apartment Fire in Highland Park, Michigan

Video by: HPZ1442 (Scott Ziegler). Video info: We arrived to find fire showing from one room on the 4th floor of a very large vacant apt building. Fire was on the B side, towards the rear of the building. Upon arrival, a you will hear, a man comes out of the building to confess that he set the fire.
While establishing a water source we send a crew up to the 3rd floor with high rise packs. The plan is to drop them from the window and hook into more line on the ground and pump off of our ladder. Once I reach the 3rd floor, their line is in place and they are waiting for it to be hooked up and charged. Our FEO advises us that there is now fire in a room on the 3rd floor as well as fire on the 4th. We then find a room with a large hole in the ceiling, with fire and burning debris falling through. Once we get our water we extinguish whats burning on the floor, and try to knock down some of the 4th floor fire from below. At that point we make our way to the 4th floor where the bulk of the fire is. I was 4th guy back on the line so I did not get any footage of the firefight on that floor. Smoke was banked down to floor level and it was extremely hot. Once we made a good knock on the fire and 2 of us had low air alarms, you will see that we make our way back to the third floor where the bucket has been placed at a window and bottles have been brought up for us to change, and go back to the 4th. The fire was held off to 2 units and a large portion of the hall way next to them, as well as minor damage on the 3rd floor.
This building has only been vacant for a few years and has several people still living in it. No injuries occurred and everyone got out save.
Video was recorded with the Firecam1080. from Firevideo.net

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