What kind of Leader are You?

Read this article on leadership…Where do you fit in?

Below is merely a piece of the article. Read the entire article to fully understand what the author is talking about. Then relate it to where you fit in. Mark has always had a great ability to write about my career without knowing it!

Rogues: by Mark vonAppen

I believe firefighters can be placed into 3 categories in terms of engagement and leadership.  Generally speaking: 

  • 25% believe in (or pretend to believe in) current leadership staff
  • 35% have no faith in (some of them even hate) the leadership staff
  • 40% could go either way given strong direction and leadership 

Of the 35% that contains the haters, there is a very temperamental subset that can have a profound impact on organizational chemistry. (continue reading)

As for me, many would say I am a Rogue. I think I fall in the 40% though. I need decent leadership from above to know I am not being led blindly.I think the reason why some would say I am a Rogue is because I have always been the kind of person to ask the hard questions. When I ask, I look around and see eyes staring out from behind the couches.

That is just me…What about you?

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