12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Winners – Day 12

Below are the prizes and winners for Day 12 of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. You can still enter to win! View the prize schedule here.

12 500

12th Day of Christmas (12/25)

  1. TECGEN® XTREME (Web site – Facebook page) – One set (jacket and pants) of TECGEN® XTREME dual certified gear for Wildland and Technical Rescue operations WINNER JASON BUTTERFIELD
  2. FireVideo.net (Fire Cam) (Web site – Facebook page) Full 1080 firefighter helmet camera WINNER JEFF DENBOW
  3. Tailboard Leather (Web site – Facebook page) – Black glove strap WINNER KAYLN RILEY
  4. Crosstitched (​Web site – Facebook page) – T-shirt WINNER HEATHER RICHARDSON
  5. MN8 Foxfire (Web site – Facebook page) – Firefighter helmet band WINNER JOSEPH DUNKLE
  6. Leatherhead Concepts (Web site – Facebook page) – Custom chin strap WINNER RONALD SMITH JR.