Trims for Tyler…An Update on Tyler Shannon and Why 100+ Firefighters Shaved Their Heads

On November 23rd, I shared the story of Tyler Shannon with you all (read the article here). Tyler is battling cancer and his father is on the same department as I am. I was looking for a "cause" to promote via The Fire Critic and get the community behind. I knew you all would do the right thing. I was amazed at the outpouring of support from all over for Tyler Shannon. 

1507618_1432476743648854_1245948759_nTonight, some of my department Brothers and Sisters put together "Trims for Tyler"…and event that would allow anyone and everyone who wanted to shave their head in support of Tyler's battle. The idea was thought up after Tyler's hair began thinning due to chemotherapy. Trevor, Tyler's dad, and Tyler both shaved their heads just days ago. 

Tonight, over 100 firefighters made their way to Firehouse #6 to shave their heads in solidarity with Tyler and his family. Tyler was in attendance. Pictured to the right is just one group of the guys who shaved their heads.

View images from the cut on the "Trims for Tyler" Facebook Event page. Not only were dozens of firefighters shaved, our Chief and Two Deputy Chiefs got in on the cut. 

shaveTrevor and Jenn both thanked me for sharing Tyler's story on They send their thanks to all of you who donated, shared the story, and are praying for their family. I give my thanks to you all as well. Your actions exude Brotherhood and were awe-inspiring. 

So tonight I shaved my head. Pictured to the right with Trevor and Tyler

That statement is so easy to say "I shaved my head". However, the act of having my head shaved was not that easy. I have NEVER shaved my head. Not once in my life has my head had this little hair on it. It was not easy to say "I'll do it". I did realize why I was doing it and was proud to make the leap…but very hesitant. It was no big deal for the other two guys on the engine tonight…one is always shaved and the other is usually. 

I must tell you, I love the bald head. 

1471130_1432476920315503_533530081_nI want to thank Tyler for bringing our department together a little tighter.

It is no secret that our department, like many others has had a long bout with poor morale. Events like this boost morale and put a neat shine on our BROTHERHOOD that has worn a little patina for too long. Maybe it is a shame that the illness of such a brave young man is the one who has brought us together a little closer…then again, maybe it is a blessing. THANK YOU TYLER!

534265_10151847063807849_1815709245_nAfter I got back to the firehouse and checked with my wife to see what she thought, she actually brought up the idea for my son to cut his hair. Preston followed suit in shaving his head too! I am so proud of Preston. He is in 5th grade and he "Gets it", although I have known that for a while now. 

If anyone is wondering what my wife thinks of the new cut…She DOES NOT like it. As for me, I love it!

If you are wondering whether or not Captain Wines shaved his head…He was not able to attend. He has been at UVA with one of our own who is also battling cancer. 

Local news story on here covered the story here and estimated the total # of cuts at 130

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