Plattekill, NY Fire Engine Overturns. 5 Firefighters Injured. Chief Offers Message on Incident and Seatbelt Usage.

The last I read, 4 of the 5 firefighters had been released from the hospital. All 5 were wearing their seatbelts.

PLATTEKILL — A Plattekill fire engine overturned on Prospect Hill Road Saturday night, injuring all five firefighters on board, according to the Town of Newburgh police.

Plattekill Fire Engine Rollover

A Plattekill fire truck overturned on Prospect Hill Road Saturday night while responding to traffic accident on the New York Thruway.
Town of Newburgh Police Department

The fire truck was heading eastbound on Prospect Hill Road to a traffic accident on the New York State Thruway at about 9 p.m., when it swerved to avoid a car going west that crossed the double yellow line on the rain-slicked road, police said.

The truck went out of control, struck a guardrail, flipped on its side, rolled and came to rest on its roof, police said.

The photo to the right is from the Town of Newburgh PD.

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A message from Plattekill’s Fire Chief:

Tonight @ 21:00 the Plattekill Fire Department was dispatched for a PIAA on the NYS Thruway at mile marker 71.1 South Bound. Car 1, Car 3, Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 4, 645 and 47-36 where all responding when @ 21:11 We were advised that Engine 4 was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, roll over with entrapment.

I have a been some sort of a chief officer for 13 years now, in the fire service for 21 years and never once did I instantly feel like I was going to vomit while responding to an incident…not until last night. I can tell you there are so many things that are going through your head after receiving an alarm involving your own…

What do I do? Whom do I call? How difficult is the extrication? What Happened? What did they hit? Who is in the truck? But the toughest question, the one that still rings in my head is “Are they alive?”

I will not speak of specifics. I will not release the details of this incident and I will let the authorities finish their investigation. But what I can tell you, 4 of the 5 firefighters have been released. Engine 4 is a total loss and the definition of brotherhood was re-taught to me through the actions of area fire departments and fire departments through out the state.

Cronomer Valley whom handled the incident…Thank you!!! Your professionalism went a long way tonight. You are our brothers and for you I am thankful. With out getting into every department that has reached out to us, because I can guarantee someone with be forgotten, whether it be at either at our stations or through phone calls, I had 132 missed calls, Thank you!!! Never have I had such an out pouring of support just for us.

I ask you, do you know what it is like to have to sit at the back of your vehicle trying to coordinate different responses while your Firefighters need YOUR help? Not something I EVER want to handle again.

For years we instill into our memberships heads…Seat belts, seat belts, SEAT BELTS… and on November 2nd 2013 @ 21:11, those seat belts saved their lives.

At St. Francis Hospital…the support continued. Fairview, Roosevelt, Arlington Fire Departments, with Engines, and Lisa Gardner, whom provided me with very informative updates, met the inbound ambulances to assist with ANYTHING we needed, ANYTHING. Tears is the word that best described how I was after I was notified of your support! I cant say thank you because thank you doesn’t cover your actions. I owe you… period.

At 1:21 we called back in service, My membership continuing to want to help the community, knowing that what we seen tonight could have been completely different.

We will continue serving the community, we are Plattekill. We ARE Plattekill Strong.

I ask no one post NO Photos or post no details until the investigation is complete and I approve of such postings.

Thank you Everyone.

Chief Christopher Mancuso