Hosed: The Movie… Be A Part of The Effingwoods Fire & Rescue. You Could Also Be in the Movie Set to be Produced in 2014!

Read, share, comment, and become part of the project via Kickstarter to make this movie a reality. It is going to be effing hilarious!

You might remember the videos on Youtube titled “Hosed”, and pretty funny if you ask me. The Youtube shows aired 4 episodes and gave us a peek at what will be coming soon. The creators hope to turn it into a full feature film in 2014 (The plan is to film in Spring of 2014). That is where you all come in. They need help in raising $200,000 for pre-production costs. Check out how you can get involved with their Kickstarter campaign. YOU CAN EVEN BE IN THE MOVIE!

At the very least, you can support the movie and get one of their t-shirts by doing it.

They need to raise $200k by December 3rd!

Hosed Kickstarter Campaign – Hosed on Facebook

The idea was the brainchild of Writer/Producer Juston McKinney, known more for his comedy acts and plays the part of Ben in the movie. He gathered up a pretty decent crew including Director/Producer- Marc Dole, Producer- Stanley Pavuk, Gary Valentine – Smitty (King of Queens), Lenny Clarke- Richard Smith (Rescue Me), and Tom Shillue- Roland among others.

The Story:

In a small town where you can pick your friends but not your heroes, an underachieving volunteer firefighter played by Gary Valentine (Cousin Danny King of Queens), gets an unexpected shot at his dream.

SMITTY was supposed to be 4th generation Boston Firefighter. When it didn’t happen, his only dream in life of becoming a full time firefighter was gone. No one was more disappointed than his father RICHARD (played by Lenny Clarke), who on the verge of retirement, and not wanting to become a stay-at-home dad, kicks Smitty out of the house. Smitty now a volunteer firefighter in Effingwoods, NH and working part time at the “Bait, Tackle and Tanning”, is fighting to earn pay-per-call and earn the respect of his Dad.

But it won’t be easy with Smitty’s biggest foe, an unethical town SELECTMAN, who sees the fire department as a bunch of incompetent wannabes, steers the public funding to the town’s one man police department, who happens to be his nephew, POLICE CHIEF KOPP.

Living in the town of Effingwoods can take its toll, but one thing is for sure, if there’s a fire, the heroes of the EFD will roll.

They are so serious, they brought in Dave Statter as an Associate Producer. I hope they know what a Diva Dave can be. Read Dave’s article on Hosed The Movie here.

If you don’t believe me at how funny this movie will be, check out the videos below for a preview of what this team is capable of.

Below are the original 4 episodes of Hosed

Hosed the movie on fire critic