Helmet Camera: Two Cats Saved From Highland Park, Mi House Fire

Another quality helmet camera video from Scott Ziegler and Firefighter Hudson in Highland Park, Mi.

Video by: HPZ1442. Video info: This was our 2nd fire in the spane of a couple hours. 1st one didnt have batteries in my camera. We had a fire in a bed room of a vacant 4 family flat. Room an contents, Extinguished very quickly.
This fire ended up being 2 doors down from the first about an hour later. Fire was reported in an occupied 4 flat, on arrival we found heavy smoke coming from the front door and fire showing itself on the D side through the windows. We knocked it down a bit from the window before stretching through the front door into the basement. I was 3rd guy on the line in the basement so I didnt get to see as much fire as they did, but it was toasty. Someones gotta pull line! The fire had minor extension to the 2nd floor, while changing my first bottle, the mother reported her children were missing. We immediately did a search of the second floor finding only a few cats. The cats where brought to the ambo where they performed CPR and they will live to pur another day. This fire was recorded with 2 firecam1080s from firevideo.net.
All in all, it was a great stop. Everyone went home safe.

2 cats saved on helmet camera from highland park michigan scott ziegler on fire critic

Photo above by Fire 313 Photography (Teddy Roney)