Close Call Video:Dash Camera Captures Hoover, AL Fire Engine Near Miss

This video really hits home for me. As a driver (in our department, Lt.’s are drivers who act as CO if needed), I have to deal with absurd driving behavior by other motorists on a daily basis. It can get stressful at times.

This video documents why we MUST drive with due regard for others moronic driving decisions. Coming to a complete stop at red lights and wearing your seat belt are also GREAT ideas. <PSA complete>

Watch and learn. 

HOOVER, Alabama – Hoover firefighters responding to a medical call this week endured a few harrowing moments when an oncoming motorist failed to yield the right of way and almost ran the 13-ton truck of the road.

Engine 5 was traveling on Alford Avenue toward I-65 Wednesday afternoon. Oncoming traffic saw the fire truck and yielded to the right. One vehicle, however, didn’t. “He decided he didn’t want to wait anymore and he pulled around,” said Hoover Fire Executive Officer Rusty Lowe. “That put him directly in front of the engine headed for a head-on collision.”



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