Oct. 3-4: 11th Annual 2013 Professional Development Seminar Hosted by Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Officers Association

The Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Officers Association is proud to present the 11th Annual 2013 Professional Development Seminar on October 3rd and 4th in Tysons Corner, Va.

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Please note the change in Thursday’s speaker. Chief Dennis Rubin will be speaking in place of Firefighter Jason Brezler. On Friday, Chief Rick Lasky will offer “Pride and Ownership”.

If you are in the area, plan on attending!

On Thursday, Chief Dennis Rubin will present his highly acclaimed 2 part program:

DC Fire: Leadership & Accountability Issues

All agencies have their trials and tribulations that have to be dealt with on a day to day bases. Chief Dennis Rubin will be sharing some insight of the inter-workings of one of America’s largest Fire & EMS Departments. Rubin will discuss various case studies that he and his senior staff faced during the four years of Mayor Adrian Fenty’s Administration. Chief Rubin will describe how these issues were resolved and what the outcome was of the solutions that were selected and actually implemented. This program is based on a textbook that Chief Rubin will be releasing in late 2012 or early 2013, the working title of the new book is “DC FIre: Its Not Just A Job”.

Rube’s Rules of Leadership

Chief Dennis Rubin has developed his own personal list of “rules to live by” over the past four decades. Rubin will be sharing these 13 “Mission Critical” rules in an open honest and somewhat humorous way. Interestingly, Chief Rubin is working on publishing his first “e-book” that provides these 13 Rules in a textbook format. Watch for the release of “Rube’s Rules For Leadership” in the very near future. Rubin will engage in a discussion as to how you can adopt these 13 rules and implement them in your own leadership style. You will get Rubin’s insight about these thirteen Rules and much more of his leadership philosophy during this guided discussion with the Chief of some of America’s largest Fire & Rescue Departments.

Chief Rubin is a returning presenter to our seminar and we appreciate him stepping up to help us in a time of need.