Best of the Rest – Ladder 19, Jurassic Park, NY Rescue, Talk About It, and Much More!

First off, a SHOUT OUT to all the attendees at the FOOLS Convention in St. Louis. Have a blast!

I am gearing up for two consecutive weekends out of town. This weekend, I am heading to Cincinnati with my son, brother, and father for a guys weekend. We will catch the Buckeyes playing in Columbus on Saturday, Bengals on Sunday, and Reds on Monday.

I Will Be in New York in Two Weeks!

The following weekend Captain Wines and I are heading to South Schenectady, New York for fellowship and Brotherhood. We will be at the Fuller Road Fire Department on behalf of the Capital Region FOOLS on September 28th (FB Event Page) to speak about Motivating Firefighters, Improving Morale, and Social Media. This is going to be a great time! ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!

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Turnout Challenge on

Perkins Township FD FF Brian Hackenburg set his sights on doing a full Ironman distance triathlon earlier this year.  The crazy part was to do the marathon at the back end in turnout gear and an airpack.  This turned into the Turnout Challenge to benefit theNational Firefighters Endowment.  Numerous firefighters across the country have started fundraising pages on the Turnout Challenge site.  Goals include 5k’s, 10k’s, and half marathons in gear.  You can get involved by checking out the Turnout Challenge page.

Leaving Jurassic Park Behind by Kevin Milan

Custom firehouse patches within your department are a huge way of improving morale and team building. We are expecting our custom patches for my firehouse soon. If you are interested in getting some patches made, hit up Andrew at NM Coin ( He is a firefighter and will get you set up with patches and coins!

It’s time we recognize Jurassic Park for what it is—memories and history. Count yourself lucky: You get to live in both worlds, that is, the world of science and tradition. Our training grounds need to maintain the best of both of these worlds, too. We need to use the drill ground to reinforce our greatest traditions, and to dismantle our most dangerous ones so that we come to know that, for example, it is possible to conduct an aggressive fire attack from an exterior position. I ask you to join the migration from Jurassic Park to the new era, because “Thinking Firefighters Do It Different.”

Firefighters injured after fighting a blaze in Charleston, WV

CHARLESTON, WV – Two firefighters were taken to the hospital after flames ripped through a home in the East Bank area of Charleston, WV Sunday night. The two alarm fire broke out just after 10 p.m. at a home on Williams Street.  Firefighters spent several hours trying to get the fire under control. Officials on scene said two firefighters had to be taken to an area hospital for heat exhaustion.  They are expected to be okay.

Are You Ready For The Season? – Average Jake Firefighter Blog

If you have an athletic field, or school in your first in area you will be on the front lines of a sports injury, and these injuries based on the age of the patient, sport involved in, and location are usually always dynamic, and can be very difficult to deal with.

Talk About It – Rescuing Providence

What happens at work stays at work. I tried that. It wasn’t working. Maybe the job caused me to drink like a fool, maybe I’m genetically predisposed to alcoholism, I really don’t know. I do know that after ten years on the job I had to stop drinking or it would have killed me. So I did. After a few years of sobriety I started writing.

Must See Video: Neighbors Perform Daring Rescue of Man Trapped by New York Apartment Fire –

Video of a rescue by neighbors of a man trapped yesterday afternoon in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood.

Charleston Chief Facing Growing Dissatisfaction from Firefighters

Charleston Fire Chief Karen Brack knew there would be some bumps in the road when she took the helm last year from a beloved leader who helped the Fire Department rebuild after a deadly blaze claimed nine men. New leaders bring fresh ideas and styles to the table, Brack said, and she anticipated some resistance to change.

Cincinnati – Firehouse on Short Vine to become Ladder 19

Levy said Ladder 19 will be a fun atmosphere for all ages. The building has firetruck  garage doors that open to the street, and they’re installing a wall of glass doors on the back of the building that open to a new 20-foot deck. The walls will be exposed brick, and one wall will have water running down it.

Three Toronto firefighters fired over inappropriate tweets

Three Toronto firefighters have lost their jobs over inappropriate comments made on social media. Toronto fire Chief Jim Sales says the firings are the result of an internal investigation launched after a media report in August said two firefighters posted several sexist messages on Twitter.

Lafayette Water Rescue (CO) – Water Rescue Draws National Coverage

9/12 ~ Around 07:30 Lafayette, North Metro & Westminster Firefighters responded to a swift water rescue at Highway 287 & Dillon Road.  Two lanes of the road completely washed way with a large metal culvert and swallowed three vehicles.  Two occupants of the first two vehicles were were quickly extricated and safely removed but the fate of potential victims in a rolled over sedan was not immediately known.

Craftsman Builds a Firehouse Table for the Chicago Fire Department!

Master Craftsman Rob North and his team built a firehouse table for the Chicago fire department but needed help getting it out of the shop. Tune in to see who comes to the rescue! Project plans…

1445 Designs reaches licensing agreement with Streamlight® over patent infringement

Phoenix, AZ – 1445 Designs Inc. maker of the Patented Blackjack Helmet Flashlight Holder announces that it has reached a long term licensing agreement with Streamlight®.  The Blackjack family of products is the market leader in flashlight attachment, and is the first patented, under the brim flashlight mount that is: Designed by Firemen, For Firemen.ä

Chris McCorkle, inventor of the Blackjack and veteran Phoenix Firefighter says,

“The Blackjack has grown to be the most durable and trusted light mount available today due to the support of our customer base, my fellow firefighters as well as key light manufacturers such as Streamlight®.”  “Streamlight® has been a valued partner during our journey, and at the end of the day this agreement only strengthens both of our companies as we look to the future of flashlight attachment in the First Responder arena.”

About 1445 Designs Inc.

1445 Designs is a Phoenix based company started by a veteran Phoenix firefighter in 2004. The company was started to satisfy the need of providing a safe, tough and durable flashlight mount for the fire service after years of personal frustration. The Blackjack has grown from one model to more than a dozen and is being sold and distributed internationally. Over 100,000 units have been sold throughout the world.  For more information about the Blackjack or 1445 Designs Corp. please visit

About Streamlight®.

Located in PA, Streamlight® has been a leader in lighting technology for over 40 years.  The company was started to full fill a need from NASA to replicate the type of light astronauts would experience in space.  Today, Streamlight® is a recognizable leader in hand held lighting technology in several markets including the fire service.  For more information please visit