Models Vs. Firemen. Wines and Fleitz Make it Big on

Maybe you have seen it, maybe you haven’t. Yesterday, someone posted the picture below on

Currently there are over 1 million views and 1000 comments.

The image features 3 “Models” above 4 “firemen” (which should read “Firefighters”). In actuality, I believe the 3 guys in the top picture are also firefighters. I can assure you the 4 in the bottom picture are as well.

What is different is that the “Models” are posing for a photo shoot in a calender. The ones in the photo below are simply photographed at Firehouse Expo 2013.

The guys in the bottom photo are Captain Willie Wines Jr. (mustache) and myself flanked by two of Branchville FD’s Bravest.

The ironic thing is that this photo was taken just a week after I competed in a bodybuilding competition. Had I posed with my shirt off, I would have actually been more ripped than the “Models”. Read about that here.

What is even funnier is the comments on…most of them are pretty decent and funny. Check out the comments here. There are some really good ones in there about Willie’s mustache!

It’s all about perception. I have a great personality.

Captain Wines and I think this is hilarious. We are glad we could be the new face of the fire service in Reddit’s eyes.