Kilts, Kilts, and More Kilts…Plus Kilted to Kick Cancer

Several interesting things happened this week. First off, we were featured in an image on Read about that here.

Then, (a humorous satire web site for public safety) ran a story about me getting kilts approved as station wear. Read that hilarious article here. It is humor guys…

Captain Wines and I are winding down on another great year of travel, meeting more and more great Brothers, and continuing to gather a wider audience for whatever it is we do.

We still have some travelling left in us while we get geared up for next year.

If you are interested in hearing us speak and hosting us at your department, read more about what we speak on here.

Speaking of Kilts…

We are looking for our next kilts to wear at events next year. If you know of a company, or have a company that sells kilts, please let us know. We are interested in getting some more. My email is

Finally, we have more on Kilts…

September is the month of Kilts according to Kilted to Kick Cancer. Hosted by my Brothers from the following Blogs: A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver, The Happy Medic, and MotorCop.

The homepage for Kilted to Kick Cancer is here. 

You can read more about what Kilted to Kick Cancer right here.