Best of the Rest – Training in NY, SOTF, Flow Path, Fear of Education?, FDNY Rescue 5 Reunion, and Plenty More!

Who is in the Greater Albany, NY area and wants to hear Captain Wines and I speak? We will be at the Fuller Road Fire Department on behalf of the Capital Region FOOLS on September 28th (FB Event Page) to speak about Motivating Firefighters, Improving Morale, and Social Media. This is going to be a great time!

Entry form for our training at Capital Region FOOLS

If you are on Facebook, go visit the “Sons of The Flag (SOTF)” Facebook page and click “like”. Do it…now. They are trying to get to 25k followers in 25 days. I appreciate it.

After writing “Creating My Own Norm“, I heard from many brothers across the Nation who are experiencing similar situations in their department. I knew some of them had somewhat similar issues, but I didn’t know it was so many.

Flow Path by Mark vonAppen on Fully Involved

“I am outspoken on issues that I am passionate about, usually regarding high standards of performance and treating people right.  If you don’t like me, so be it.  I own it.  Respect is far more important than approval.”

26 percent of Lexington FD calls understaffed, agency working to improve

When seconds count, the more emergency responders you have on the ground, the better.  But as Lexington Fire Chief Ty Dickerson will tell you, that can be easier said than done. “There’s always room for improvement,” said Dickerson. The Lexington Fire Department is made up of ten career firefighters (including the Chief) and several dozen volunteers. Dickerson says he can’t speak highly enough about his volunteers and the job they do — but notes that it’s become increasingly difficult for them to find time to complete their regular training and be available for calls, while doing their normal jobs and spending time with their families.  Because his budget only allows him to hire so many career firefighters, staffing has become an issue. – Fire Service Leadership: Fear of Education? (Paul Hasenmeier)

A leader fearing the education of subordinates is a social trend that has implications for the ethical leadership of the fire service. This trend will be analyzed in relation to the fire service, and my specific interest area of public administration; however, intuition says that other areas in safety service may have similar trends. It will be difficult to provide concrete evidence to reinforce the claim of this social trend, however, personnel communication with numerous fire serviceconsultants and research have laid a foundation worthy of observation into the future.

FDNY Rescue 5 Reunion 

The Remembrance Rescue Project is in NYC reuniting the current Rescue 5 with the one (1996 HME) that responded to the World Trade Center on September 11th.

Remembrance Rescue Project online

RRP Facebook Page

Driver hits volunteer firefighter, charged with DUI

Standing Stone Twp., PA (WBNG Binghamton) A 25-year-old volunteer firefighter walking along the road was struck by a car, according to Pennsylvania State Police. The driver was later charged with underage drinking and driving under the influence.

Richmond Firefighters Union Wants Chief to Step Down

At least one person is calling for Fire Chief Robert Creecy to step down. A stern request from the President of Richmond Firefighters Union says his comrades had to live in bad conditions for too long. “The chief should resign over this – and you can put that on record,” Keith Andes says. “For the betterment of this department, the chief should resign.”

Fire truck collides with SUV, rolls while en route to emergency

PHOENIX – Four firefighters were injured when their truck rolled after colliding with an SUV early Friday morning. It happened at Seventh Street and Indian School Road shortly after 3:30 a.m. The Phoenix Fire Department truck was en route to a house fire. Investigators say Engine 9, lights flashing and siren blaring, was going through the intersection of Seventh Street and Indian School Road when it hit an SUV. Arkansas Fire Department Sued for Five Fire Deaths

The Jacksonville, Arkansas Fire Department is facing a wrongful death suit over the death of a woman and four children in an apartment fire in 2012.

Fired firefighter, friends fight to get his job back

He was fired not for being a bad employee, but for being locked up. But now, after being cleared of all charges against him, former Wilmington firefighter Robert Hester is back home. Now he and other firefighters are working their way up the ladder to try and get his job back.

Moneta Rescue Squad needs major renovation to improve safety issues

Moneta, VA – Every time the garage doors open, Moneta Rescue Squad members say they’re cutting it close. The ambulance bays are too small for modern vehicles. “We have just a few inches on either side and, if we’re not careful, we’ll tear the mirrors off,” said John Singer, captain of the rescue squad. Drivers have to go slow when they enter and exit. In a business where every second counts, volunteers say a lot of time is wasted.

Recent LODD’s

LAFD Captain Collapses, Dies While on Duty

On Monday, August 12, 2013 at 1:07 AM, Los Angeles Firefighters discovered on-duty Fire Captain/Paramedic Matthew G. McKnight unresponsive after his unwitnessed collapse inside the LAFD Metropolitan Fire Communications Center at500 East Temple Street in Los Angeles.

Firefighter Dies Near Rome, Oregon

A 59-year-old man has died while working in a pickup truck on a fire line in eastern Oregon. Carolyn Chad, a spokeswoman for the federal Bureau of Land Management, says Kevin Hall, of Ontario, Ore., apparently suffered a medical issue while he was working for Brian McKinney, a bulldozer contractor on the Grassy Mountain fire 20 miles east of Rome.

Emergency crews mourning sudden loss of Henrico volunteer EMT

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – Henrico emergency crews are mourning the sudden loss of a Henrico volunteer EMT.  Wilbur Fraenzel was on duty at the Henrico Volunteer Rescue Squad near the airport when he went into cardiac arrest. His supervisors are talking to NBC12 about the loss. The rescue squad responds to a number of emergencies daily.  But on Monday, they tried desperately to save one of their own.