Helmet Cam Videos from MD, PA, KC, and More. (8 Videos)

LFCO — Truck 19 — Stewart Ave.

Video by: OneNineTruck. Video info: Truck 19 arrives, assumes first due truck company operations.

Fire in a dwelling, Puritan St, Highland park mi, helmet cam

Video by: HPZ1442. Video info: Interior around the 7:30 minute mark
Responded to reports of a fire in a dwelling. Arrived to find heavy fire on the second floor and through the roof of a 2 family flat. Set up tower operations for our initial attack, knocking down the bulk of the fire. Once most of the roof had burned off or collapsed, we made entry to extinguish the remaining fire that we were unable to hit with our tower. No injuries reported. One family was unfortunately displaced. Photos where taken and can be viewed online by Steve Redick, and 313 fire photography. Video shot with firecam 1080 from Firevideo.net.

Fire in a dwelling, quick knock down, Highland Park Mi

Video by: HPZ1442. Video info: This was my first time editing a video with two cameras, sorry if it sucks.
While out running errands for the day we received a call for a fire in a vacant dwelling on Tennyson st. We arrived to find light smoke showing from the 2nd floor windows. We stretched our back bumper line into the house to find a room and contents fire on the second floor. Fire was knocked down very quickly.
The neighbors reported that the home was vacant, though it looks as if someone has been living in it. This is a prime example of why we do not consider any home a vacant one until we know for certain there is no one inside.
Video shot with a firecam 1080 from Firevideo.net


Video by: robbie Dill. Video info: House Fire

House Fire Wednesday Night HD Helmet Cam (1080p)

Video by: JW0LFY. Video info: Fully involved house fire with holes burned through floor. Bshift 3rd district Wednesday night / Thursday AM. Change quality to see in HD! Turn on captions! ( CC button )

Working House Fire on N Artizan St, Willamsport, Md 7/17/2013

Video by: eng710trk. Video info: Williamsport Fire and EMS responds to a working house fire in town. Truck 2’s OIC’s Helmet Camera.

Helmet Cam video: Garage Fire – Ringtown, PA – 8/1/2013

Video by: jck5055. Video info: Engine Company arrives and assists Shenandoah Squrt 745 crew on a garage fire in Ringtown. Visit www.FIREandFILM.com for more info

Fire helmet camera Interior Attack

Video by: Jeffrey Mauro. Video info: Interior attack on a room and contents that moved into a second room and attic.