Best of the Rest – Firehouse Expo Meetup, Visitors, Sex Toy Extrication, Chattanooga Recruit Video, and Much More!

The Fire Critic/Iron Firemen Firehouse Expo Meetup is coming together. We have a Facebook Event Page, check it out and let us know if you can make it or not. Everyone is invited. We haven’t nailed down the venue yet, but it looks like it will be at Luckies Tavern at Power Plant Live. It will be on Friday night at 6pm.

Fire Critic/Iron Firemen Firehouse Expo Meetup

The 2013 Central Maryland FOOLS Brotherhood Bash is Thursday night, we will be there as well…Those Italians are gonna love my kilt! welcomes a brand new advertiser to the mix. Check out the Utah Valley University online

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Lt. Fleitz (The Fire Critic) and West McBride ( – All Roads Lead to Pennsylvania

So when I started this site there were a couple of guys that I followed through their blogs, and that helped me get going on mine. These two guys are what its about, Pride, Ownership, Brotherhood and the list goes on and on. I told my wife that there was no way that I couldn’t stop on the way home and not see these guys in city where they serve (Roanoke). It is here where I found the Iron Firemen and the Fire Critic. Willie and Rhett I hate the visit was brief, but I know that our paths will cross again and I hope to stop back by soon.

The Model City Firefighter – Blowin’ Smoke with Stephen Ricci

I would tell the younger guys to take pride in this profession, remember those who have come before them, some of who may have made the ultimate sacrifice. Do not come on this job and expect anything handed to you. No one cares who you are related to or what you think you know. Come in do as your told when your told and if your just here for the paycheck or because you think sirens and lights are cool…you need to go home. I want to be surrounded by people who want to have fun but also are serious when the tones drop. I see too many rookies coming on thinking they are owed something and using the department as a place to goof off. They do not take pride in what they do. Lastly, take pride in your uniform and the badge you wear. They are both a privilege to wear and not a right.


Dover, DE Guns vs. Hoses Softball Game October 19-20 – Mich. fire department donating fire truck to department hit by tragedyFirefighters are selling commemorative shirts to raise gas money to drive the truck the estimate 1,200 miles

When Ada firefighters realized they were getting a new truck, they asked municipal leaders to donate the engine — a sacrifice of about $25,000 if they sold the rig, according to the report.

“The budget they have there is very small, they have about a $12,000 a year budget,” said Lt. David Murray. “Everybody there is volunteer. Nobody gets paid any money and it was just a chance, timing, it all worked out that we had a truck and they needed one.”

Chasing the News (Steven Walsh) – HIPAA, Privacy and the Photographer

 One of the most misinterpreted, misunderstood and misquoted laws in regard to patient privacy is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) when is comes to photography. To keep it simple, HIPAA does NOT apply to the news photographer or citizen journalism when it comes to documenting a scene with injured people. Unless you are a First Responder who is directly responsible for patient care, you need not worry yourself with anyone screaming HIPAA.

Rescue Humor – Pierce Turns 100

 This past weekend Pierce Manufacturing, the makers of some of the best Fire Engines and other Fire apparatus on Earth celebrated their 100th birthday.  Pierce shares their home with me in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. As a kid I saw fire engines daily when driving past Pierce on the way to school, and sports. Little did I know that later in life I would become a volunteer firefighter and be driving one of those vehicles!

FireGeezer – Another Treasurer Goes Dipping

THE NOXEN FIRE COMPANY in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, is without their treasurer and about $34,000 this month.  Robin Ann Gorton-Parrish, 42, had served as treasurer for about 2-½ years when she acquired a “gambling problem” and decided to treat it with other people’s money.  In a span of a mere five weeks, she managed to skim the money from an always slim bank account.

COURTESY OF ARLINGTON HEIGHTS FIRE DEPARTMENT – Arlington Heights’ first full-time firefighter dies

The Arlington Heights Fire Department hired its first full-time firefighters in 1957 after operating as a volunteer force since the 1800s. Badge No. 1 that year was given to David Mills, who stayed with the department for 32 years and rose to be deputy chief until his retirement in 1989.

Mills, 84, died Monday after a short illness. He is being remembered for his contributions as a “founding father” of the department.

Hamill: These firefighters who are ‘aging out’ are still the Bravest

Capt. Robert Morris of Rescue 1 and Firefighter Kenny Ruane of Ladder 16, both in Manhattan, will ‘age out’ at 65 this weekend, but after all they’ve been through they still want to work with FDNY, among the city’s bravest.

Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Run (Virginia Beach, VA)

The 9/11 Heroes Run 5k +1M fun run/walk welcomes runners and walkers of all levels and of all ages. Events take place all over the world, on or near September 11th, and are 100% organized by local community volunteers. It is the perfect opportunity for your community to personally come out and thank your local veterans, their families, and first responders in an annual, fun, and family friendly environment! Date: 9/8/13 Cost: 5K = $30, Family of 4 = $100, 1Mile Fun Run/Walk = $20

Dover Motor Speedway NFFF Day Sept. 29, 2013.

Buffalo, NY – Engine 22 hangs “closed today” sign

The controversy over the temporary closings of Buffalo Fire companies is not quieting down. A Report It picture shows a sign that was hanging above Engine 22 on Broadway Sunday night. The sign says “Closed today. In case of emergency, call the mayor.” Money held up for NY firefighters’ families affected by Christmas Eve tragedy

WEST WEBSTER, N.Y. — Federal tax law is keeping a volunteer fire association from giving the nearly $1 million in donations to the families affected by an ambush shooting last Christmas Eve. Two firefighters were killed at the scene; two others were injured.

WHEC reported that the West Webster Volunteer Fireman’s Association raised about $900,000 right after the Christmas Eve tragedy to be split between the four families of the fallen and injured heroes.

Pink Heals Tour 2013 Milwaukee July 17th

Ibiza firemen free tourist trapped in sex toy

Emergency services needed two hours to cut through the metal ring, described  as a type of “armour plating”, into which the man had placed his penis and testicles.

The firemen on hand needed two changes of battery and a second rotating blade for their buzz saw to free the man, local daily Diario de Mallorca reported on Friday.

Update – Even more must see video: Multiple explosions on highway. Crash that caused it caught on dash-cam

This one is reported to be from somewhere in Russia. In addition to the almost 40 cylinders taking off (check the 3:00 point), I am sure you will enjoy how people just block a lane of traffic on the highway to get their video and what appears to be a police officer who ventures close in his vehicle at about 6:30 in the video (as do some people on foot) and then decides it’s time to make a quick retreat.

First Due Open House & Extrication Competition July 20th. Berrien Springs, Michigan

7 fires reported in Youngstown in 24-hour span, firefighter injured

The Youngstown fire chief tells 21 news that his department was called to seven house fires over the weekend, all within close proximity of each other.

Chief John O’Neill said that six of the seven fires were on the south side of the city and one on the east side. Two of the fires were at occupied homes, but no residents were injured.

Call answered

CALDWELL — It is 2:50 in the morning and sleep is interrupted by the sound of a high-pitched, rapid-fire, tone. It is one of hundred’s of thousand’s of such awakenings that occurred today and yesterday and likely, tomorrow, too.
Like the rest of his family of firefighters in the Caldwell community, and the hundred’s of thousand’s of firefighters who will rise to answer another call, Chief Brad Allison of the Caldwell Fire Department, leaves his bed for the call, the need, and his community.

‘Better than great’: Beloved paramedic’s death stuns community

Those who worked alongside Derek Brewster as paramedics, who shared the laughs of annual fishing trips and the tension of critical emergency calls, were hurled together again Thursday evening in a tragedy that numbs a profession that sees the worst almost daily.

“To see the wreck and know that it was him, that’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been through,” said Wade Bell, a field medic and part-time paramedic with Amarillo Medical Services. “Nothing comes close.”

Manchester fire: Two teens arrested after firefighter dies

Two 15-year-old girls have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after a firefighter was killed tackling a blaze in Manchester.

Stephen Hunt was among 60 firefighters called to the fire in the store-room of Paul’s Hair World in Oldham Street.

A spokesman said the 38-year-old got into difficulty at about 20:35 BST along with another firefighter and both were taken to hospital.

Chattanooga Fire Academy 2013 Full Video

You might remember the 2011 video they did to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Check it out here.

This is the full video for Chattanooga Fire Academy 2013. This video was a gift to the graduates of Fire Academy 2013 and is not for sale. No profit was made from the production of this video. The 22 members of this academy graduated on June 27, 2013. Mobile users can view this at….