Video: Detroit FD Working July 3-6th, 2013. July 4th there were 38 Fires.

By now, many of you have watched the documentary Burn: One Year on the Front Lines of the Battle to Save Detroit. We watched it last night at the firehouse (we have our own FB page if you are interested). The video below is just some of what the Detroit FD experienced from July 3-6th of this year.

Video by: OLDIRONSIDESWAY. Video info: This is GoPro and Iphone video of Detroit Fire action from July 3-6, 2013. I have put as much of the audio in as I can. Detroit Firefighters are under attack by Politicians who have taken everything from them but their hero status. These Men and Woman are amazing Firefighters and get paid crap and are losing every benefit they ever had. They are the busiest in the Nation and maybe the world. The 24 hours of July 4th, they responded to 38 confirmed working fires just like the ones depicted here.They were responding with 1 engine, 1 ladder and a rescue to confirmed working fires. Very often this is the norm and they average 20 every day. The DFD Commissioner has turned out to be another Hack who will rape Detroit of everything. These are my opinions and are not endorsed by any Member of the DFD. To all Fire Photogs and Videographers. Please do not allow the Fire Commissioners office permission to use your work. They are using it to hurt these brave Fireman. From what I understand, they are pouring through photos and videos looking for ways to discipline Detroit Firefighters for a variety of reasons.
This video is not to be used by the DFD Commissioners office for any reason.