Firehouse Expo Preview…SOTF’s Ryan Parrott is Keynote Speaker

Captain Wines and I will be in Baltimore for Firehouse Expo in just a couple of weeks. That is the good news. The GREAT news is that I will be done with my competition and able to drink BEER! Oh, and eat good food too! Scroll down for info on the FOOLS Bash and our party Friday night as well.

I will be posting a more in depth article on Firehouse Expo soon enough. I wanted to share a little bit right now though.

Mainly, the fact that my Brothers from Sons of The Flag Burn Foundation are Keynoting at Expo…well not all of them, but Ryan “Birdman” Parrott is one of the Keynote Speakers. Read more about the keynote speakers here

About Ryan Parrott: 

A former NAVY SEAL, Ryan discusses some of his experiences while he served his country. He is all to familiar with the injuries the military suffers. The April Tragedies in Boston, MA, and West, TX, have brought national attention to victims of explosions, a group of burn survivors that Sons of the Flag Burn Foundation has worked to help since its founding in 2012. The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now these recent events involving explosions, have reminded us again that severe burns are a significant portion of the injuries received in mass casualty incidents. These injuries are often devastating both physically and mentally. Years of burn research are woefully underfunded. There have been numerous technological advancements that have proven to be effective but these technologies are also underfunded. Last year 450,000 people in the U.S. suffered burns. Over 40,000 people were hospitalized and 30,000 needed treatment at specialized burn hospitals. Listen to Ryan and his group work to advance treatment and technology and recruit more doctors do work in the Burn Treatment field.

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Fire Critic/Iron Firemen Meetup

Willie and I are planning a party for Friday night and everyone is invited. We will be sharing more information in the coming days when everything is nailed down (We need a damn agent). Don’t worry, it will be a blast! If you have an idea of a venue, please let us know. We are in talks with Hard Rock and Powerhouse Live.

FOOLS Brotherhood Bash

The FOOLS Brotherhood Bash is Thursday night. The Facebook Event page is here…let em know you’ll be there!

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