Audio: Dispatch Audio Released in Beardstown Fatal Fire Where Family and Mayor are Critical of Response…For Good Reason!

This fire occurred on April 15, 2012. The tapes were released a year later. This entire situation is unfortunate. I don’t believe that the issue is whether or not the victims could have been saved, I think the issue is taking our jobs seriously. What the hell is going on here?

This is Beardstown in Cass County, Illinois.

The 13 minute mark really paints a perfect picture of what we are dealing with here. What the Hell? The 18 minute mark is pretty bad as well.

khqatv7 has posted the Beardstown 911 dispatch audio from a fatal fire.

Video/Audio info: Recently released 9-1-1 audio tapes revealed a delay in response time to the Beardstown fire that killed Bud and Jenny Krohe. Shortly after a review of those tapes, Fire Chief Darin Paul changed department protocol.

CASS COUNTY, ILL. — A Beardstown man is stunned after reading transcripts of 911 workers’ and emergency officials’ response to a fire that killed his brother and niece.

Marvin Krohe says he had no idea why it took firefighters at least 25 minutes to get to his brother’s mobile home fire last year.

“It was really shocking when I got the news originally you know for the fire,” he said. “Then I read this. It’s awful.”

Bud and his daughter Janette Krohe died in the April 15, 2012 blaze. The state fire marshal said that the fire was not caused by arson. An autopsy later revealed that the father and daughter died of smoke inhalation.

Here was the scene of the April 15, 2012 fire at 5061 N. Hagener Rd. in Beardstown. / KHQA reporter Kristen Aguirre