Flame Fest is the First Ever National Event for Firefighter Wives

Guys, do me a favor and share this with your wife. I get a lot of questions on FB related to relations with our significant others. This site is your answer to share with your wife. It provides her a place to connect, reach out, or just sit back and follow along with other firefighter wives.

Myself, Lori of, and Captain Wines

Trust me, I believe that your wives might enjoy the site!

I have been following the site for some time now. Captain Wines and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Lori, who runs the site, and her husband at FDIC 2013. We got to talk for a bit, and they even showed up at the party we put on at Hard Rock Cafe. I look forward to doing more work with them in the future.

You can read about FDIC from Lori’s perspective in her post “No Glitter, All Heart: A Firefighter Wife’s View of FDIC

If you have never heard of, you should check it out and share it with your wife. It is a great source of information for our wives.

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Firefighter Wife is a community for the wives (fiancees & girlfriends) of firefighters whose mission is to:

  • Stengthen, Ignite, and Rescue Firefighter Marriages
  • Nurture our Fire Wife Community with Encouragement, Support, and Friendship.
  • To Build Up our Fire Wives in Mind, Body, and Spirit to be Wise, Strong, and Enduring.
  • To Bring an Even Deeper Sense of Community to the Entire Fire Family.

This group of ladies is the sisterhood you have been looking for.

Read more about what this group of ladies is about here.

They even have a “Fit Fire Wife” program here.

Flame Fest is holding the “Flame Fest” July 25-26 in Atlanta. This will be the first ever National event for firefighter wives.

They have a full schedule of events, speakers, and mingling with other wives. Husbands are welcome too.